Salazar v. Buono



Remand is necessary in case where plaintiff sought to enforce an injunction to remove a Latin cross from a national park despite subsequent Congressional statute mandating the sale of that land to a private party.


559 U.S. 700



Religious Tradition Involved

State/Territory of Origin

Clause (Free Exercise / Establishment / Both / Other)

Does it involve religious institution(s) or individual(s)

Local / State / Federal Legislation

Dissent Author(s)

Uphold / Overturn Penultimate Court

Penultimate court of appeals

Penultimate court opinion citation

Buono v. Kempthorne, 527 F.3d 758 (9th Cir. 2008), rev'd and remanded sub nom. Salazar v. Buono, 559 U.S. 700 (2010)

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